White Bellied Sunbird

White Bellied Sunbird

White Bellied Sunbird

A small sunbird, in which the male has brilliant blue-green upper parts and a white belly. Size 11cm – much smaller than a sparrow. Afrikaans: Witpensuikerbekkie

As with other sunbirds the bill is long and decurved. The bill, legs and feet are black. The eye is dark brown. The male has a metallic blue green head, throat and back.

The lower breast and belly is white, and the border between the metallic green on the upper breast and the white, is a line of metallic purple – only visible in good light. The female is brownish grey above and greyish white below, with some indistinct streaks on the breast. The belly and flanks are off-white.

A common species of acacia bushveld, drier woodland and some areas, parks and gardens. It is usually solitary or in pairs, and males in particular often call from a high exposed perch. This is a very active and restless bird, seldom sitting still for very long. It may gathers in numbers around flowering trees, where is often seen in association with other sunbird species.

It subsists on nectar of many indigenous and exotic plant species. It is particularly fond of aloes and mistletoes.

This is a highly vocal bird, calling much of the time that they are active. The most characteristic call consists of 1-7 strident notes: chewy-chewy-chewy. Also utters loud chak-chak-chak alarm notes.

The White-bellied Sunbird breeds mainly from August to December. The nest is an oval of grass, leaves and plant down, bound together with spider webs. It has a side top entrance with a little porch, and is lined with plant down and feathers.

White Bellied Sunbird

White Bellied Sunbird

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  1. Piet Botha

    I have got a mail and female White Bellied Suionbirds that made their nest in a Cacktus plant on my Patio –
    I need a feeder like you advertised (R85) – how can i get it ?


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